All-In-One Backup Solution

The Cube 800 is a complete pre-assembled solution with the necessary quality assurances, only requiring the connection of the solar panels.  This system can also be grid tied. It is a complete EPC solution, which includes sizing, engineering, And installation.  It has been carefully developed to cope with the harsh Namibian conditions.

“Not only is the Cube 800 a plug-and-play system, but it is also scalable and will provide customers with a complete hassle-free solar solution that can provide you with enough power to carry most of your residential needs”.

The Cube 800 is ‘movable’, providing access to tenants of rented buildings.  The system can easily be upgraded to increase capacity in the future.

Residential Solar Solution

3-in-1 Complete Solution

3in1 solution offering the benefit of a generator, UPS, and a Solar saver.

The Cube 800 is completely pre-assembled with the necessary quality vetting, only requires connection of the panels to the grid.

Complete EPC

It is a complete EPC solution, which include, sizing, engineering, installation, and financing.

The product combination has been tested for > 2 years in Namibian conditions, providing peace of mind under the Namib sun.

After Sales Support

After sales support – in country support by the Megatech Technical Service Centre & remote login availability in the event of system error. (Internet is a pre-requirement)

Supported by a trusted Namibian partner, been in Namibia for >120 years. Customer fund raising via Namibian banks, through a finance lease model or through your primarily housing bond


System can easily be expanded to increase capacity should your future electrical needs change.

Maintenance – on a pay as you need basis & priced separately from the equipment and installation, performed by a certified installer.

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