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Introduction to what TSC is and what the offering is to our clients:

A key component of Megatech’s business is electrification. Renewable Energy is complimentary to this when looking at the larger Southern African landscape as well as the local landscape in Namibia.  A large portion of Namibia does not have access to the electrical grid, creating need for decentralized systems (including storage).

The provision of power is being hampered by the general shortfall of generation capacity in Southern Africa. Consumers, businesses, and key stakeholders are looking at alternative solutions as additional capacity is not coming online quickly enough.

Renewable energy is key to accelerate the availability of power and electrification beyond the traditional utility level but at a commercial and residential level. To enable this, access to quality products at a reasonable price with local in-country support is essential.  It must be tied up with a reputable brands that will still be around in 20 years.

There was a general lack of technical support including training locally.  This created risk for both the end user as well as contractors moving into this space. With our Technical Service Centre we support our clients and create consumer confidence in the brands we stock.

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